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Josep Rifà is a Full Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
He is the former director of the Department of Information and Communications Engineering (dEIC) and, at present, the head of the Codificació, Compressió, i Seguretat (CCS) (considered as a consolidated research group by the Generalitat of Catalunya) and a member of the Combinatorics, Coding and Security Group (CCSG) .
He co-founded and served as Vice-chairman (from 1996 to 2010), the Spanish Chapter of Information Theory Society of IEEE.
He currently belongs to the Scientific Advisory Board of Scytl.


Josep Rifà i Coma was born in Manlleu (Catalonia, Spain) in July 1951. He received the graduate degree of Excel·lent in Mathematics from the University of Barcelona (1973) and he was with this University for some years. Later, in 1987 he received the Ph.D. degree of Cum Laudem in Computer Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Research Interests

His main research interests are in cryptography, coding theory, combinatorics and their interactions. Some of the research topics in cryptography include secret sharing schemes and schemes to hide information (watermarking, fingerprinting, steganography) coming from coding theory. Research topics in coding theory include many types of combinatorial structures related to perfect codes, mainly the 1-perfect codes and the completely regular codes, for instance designs, including Latin squares, t-designs, association schemes and associated algebraic structures as quasigroups. He is interested in binary additive codes and the corresponding Z2Z4-linear and Z4-linear codes. He is also interested in algorithmic methods in coding theory, including error-correction implementations by using Reed-Solomon Codes or related codes.

He has presented several reports and papers on these topics in many international conferences and has published more than a hundred papers in specialized journals.

At present his research group works in several projects of spanish CICYT and other national and international organizations on subjects related to digital communications, error correcting codes, encryption and security of digital information. Here it is a complete list of projects where he is (or was) involved.


He normally teaches a graduate course on Avanced techniques in cryptography and coding and three courses at undergraduate level: Discrete Mathematics, Computational Security, Coding Theory. There is some teaching material (textbook, assignments, tests, notes, etc.) related to these (and other) courses, available on-line.

He has written several textbooks ("Comunicación Digital" 1991, "Seguretat Computacional" 1996, "Fonaments de Matemàtica Discreta" 1997, "Teoria de la codificació. Problemes" 1998, "Matemàtica Discreta" 2003-2007-2011, "10 impactos de la ciencia del siglo XX" 2003, "Criptografia Avançada" 2012, "Matemàtica Discreta II. Aritmètica i teoria de la codificaciò" 2012).


A list of publications by Josep Rifà can be found here IN ORCID and several are linked to the full paper.


At the University:
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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
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